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About Spirit Bond

Spirit Bond is a modern-day action fantasy abounding with drama, humor, and (eventually, I promise!) romance. Both light-hearted and serious, it's follows a group of teenagers in a secret agency leading a rebellion against shape-shifting monsters who are slowly taking over humanity by possessing people and bending them to their will. It's a story of friendship, survival, overcoming weakness, and learning how to love.
And it's absolutely not cheesy. Ever. (Hahaha!) I hope you enjoy the adventures of this little group!

More About the Comic

Some of you old-timers may know that this is actually Spirit Bond 2.0. The first draft of Spirit Bond was started in the beginning of 2010 and ran for a year, making it almost to 100 pages before I decided I wanted to redo it in full color with a modified story-line. And that leads us to what it is now!
This time I intend to go full speed ahead and make Spirit Bond something truly great! I have most of the overarching plot worked out and plan to print and sell it as I go along. Nothing would make me happier than to know that my comic is sitting on shelves (and by beds and on coffee tables if it got read frequently, haha) all over the world.

About the Artist

My name is Tanya Krueger. I'm a freshman at a little college in Idaho, and I'm stuck somewhere between a creative writing and Illustration major (I'll decide eventually). My passion in life is to share stories with others, hopefully ones that uplift, inspire, and entertain people. I LOVE comics and their artists and I really get pumped up about that sort of thing. *laughs at self*
So all in all, I'm a HUGE nerd and I love talking to people who also have nerdy interests. Please feel free to comment or PM me!